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As an advocate of the arts, Wentinks' aim is to encourage cultural leadership and shape the future of the arts by exploring new ideas and concepts through lectures and debates. As an educator in music, Wentink is strongly committed to music education through various forms of master classes, workshops and lectures.


  • Conservatory Spring Masterclass
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Conservatory Fall Masterclass
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • Conservatory de Música Universidad Mayor
    Santiago, Chili
  • Club el Nogal
    Bogota, Colombia
  • Conservatory
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • Escuela Nacional de Musica
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Conservatory Real Conservatory Superior de Musica de Madrid
    Madrid, Spain
  • HarpACademy
    Sandstedt, Germany
  • Dutch Harp Festival
    Utrecht, The Netherlands


  • Conservatory Amsterdam
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Yayasan Musik Jakarta
    Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Harpe Diem
    Leuven, Belgium
  • Conservatory of Utrecht
    Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • The Fridge
    Dubai, United Emirates


  • Associacio Catalana d’arpistas
    Barcelona, Spain
  • Conservatory
    Seoul, Korea


  • Otja Harpcenter
    Bennebroek, The Netherlands


  • Art Sanati Dernegi
    Istanbul, Turkey
  • Festival Internacional de Musica de Cartagena
    Cartagena, Colombia
  • Dutch Harp Festival
    Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • New England Conservatory
    Boston, United States


  • Royal Academy of Music
    London, United Kingdom
  • Salvi Summer Institute
    Los Angeles, United States
  • Tamnak Prathom Harp Center
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • ArtEZ
    Arnhem, The Netherlands